Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Freelancers

Part of the allure of being a freelancer is being able to set your own schedule and work from practically anywhere. There are pros and cons to being a freelancer no matter where you choose to work. Most freelancers probably have some sort of home office setup either dedicated to a room just for work or a room that serves multiple purposes. 

A Coworking Space can serve as a bridge between working from home or having to punch a clock in a company’s office somewhere. For those that may not enjoy the solitude of working from home or those with several children at home a Coworking Space may just be the perfect solution. Freelancers have strong independent qualities and a Coworking Space helps them maintain their independence while enjoying the benefits they offer.

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Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Freelancers

Below we will cover some of the benefits that a Coworking or Shared Office Space can provide. While you may not find some of these helpful to your particular working situation these are generally beneficial for many freelancers. 

No Long Term Commitments

Coworking Spaces will typically offer either short term leases or a month to month rental arrangement. For a traditional office building you would be expected to sign a long term lease committing you to that monthly payment for the set term. For freelancers that might only need working space for a few hours a week or month Lufkin Space offers rental by the hour as well.

Cost Effective Rental Arrangements

A Coworking Space will save you money compared to a traditional office rental. As a freelancer you may experience ups and downs with your work and income so a more budget friendly rental arrangement will come in handy. We have different types of spaces depending upon how much space or privacy you may require. Plus, we provide the Wi-fi access and other amenities available in the common areas.

Flexible Office Spaces

Flexible office spaces are a key feature in choosing a Coworking Space. You can rent just enough office space to meet your needs without paying for too much space. Whether you are looking for a private office, executive suite, shared office space or access to a conference room coworking spaces are very flexible. As a freelancer being flexible is important to you, so your office space should be too.

Productivity Boost – Reduced Distractions

There is just something about having a dedicated workspace that helps you stay on task to get the job done. Sometimes working from home, poolside or in a coffee shop we can get distracted and get off task and not make efficient use of our time. You may have the perfect setup at home with a private space that encourages productivity. Still, sometimes those distractions can blur the lines between work-life and home-life. 

After all, if you are at home your family or neighbors may not always understand you can’t answer the door or tell them where the remote is. This is the struggle that many face walking that tightrope of demands from spouses, children and family. Pets are wonderful companions but sometimes they want to do all the talking on your Zoom call. If you find yourself struggling with some or all of these distractions a Coworking Space just might be the answer for you.

Professional Location to Meet Clients

Most freelancers deal with their clients via phone, email, chat, Zoom and other electronic means. If you are a freelancer that also has local clients you may need an office to meet clients instead of them visiting your home office. If you need to make a presentation to a group of people, a conference room that either comes with your Coworking Space package or you can rent by the hour is instrumental. 

These are just five of the benefits of Coworking Spaces for Freelancers. With the versatility a coworking space can offer your list could be much longer. If working from home just doesn’t seem to be getting the job done anymore check out the benefits provided by a professional Coworking Space. 

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