Office Space for Rent

office space for rent
Office Space for Rent

Private Office Space

We have five office sizes to choose from, all with the amenities you are looking for in a professional office space. If you are looking for office space to rent in Lufkin check us out!

Office Features and Amenities

  • 24/7 ACCESS
  • Desks & Lounge Seating
  • Use of wifi, printer and copier
  • Use of kitchenette
  • Conference room
    • TV with HDMI
    • Zoom Teleconferencing
    • Video Conferencing

We also have additional office space available at our E Denman Avenue location. Check out the Office Floorplans and images for more information.

In the past renting office space by the hour would be unheard of. In today’s hectic and flexible work environments hourly office space rental can benefit both parties. Hourly rentals can benefit the property owner by capturing more rental income for unused spaces. For the renter it allows for the flexibility to use the professional office space without committing larger amounts of capital. 

Often hourly rentals will come with needed amenities like high speed internet access, printing capabilities and conference room access. If you are looking to rent office space whether by the hour or the day be sure to ask about additional services and features included with the rental. If you need any audio or visual equipment be sure to inquire about these services specifically. A quality facility can help you get your work done and impress your clients. 

Hourly office space rentals are commonly used by remote workers or a traveling business person. Having a quiet dedicated workspace can help you be productive and be a positive influence on your clients. Meeting at a coffee shop or restaurant can be a distracting experience for you and your client. It is best to stay focused on the purpose of your meeting without these distractions. 

Whatever your use case is for the need to rent office space by the hour you do have options here in Lufkin. We have three locations with office space of varying sizes with access to conference rooms and plenty of parking. Next time you need some temporary office space near Lufkin be sure to give us a call to discuss your needs.